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South Winds and Barbi Benton

There were no seagulls at the dump that day. The wind was strong out of the south and you could smell salt on the air. Dry crimson dust devils followed […]

Looking up from the bottom

The Hard Rock Bottom of my Heart

Preface: I don’t want the sole purpose of this blog to be about my alcoholism but they say write what you know, so here I am. The problem is that […]


I’m fixin’ to fix it, thank you very much.

I have a list in my head of every single thing that needs fixing around here. I don’t mean to brag, but it’s probably a lot longer than your list. […]



One winter it actually got pretty cold in Mobile. I was working nights and usually got home in the wee hours of the morning. Because it was so cold, my […]

cropped and sized

Monkeygrass Artwork

Artwork courtesy of the fabulous Lillian McKinney.  Lillian holds a special place in our hearts for countless reasons and I am thrilled she agreed to contribute her original artwork as […]

10156224_10102159825215025_1125214831_o (1)

Up a Tree Without a Paddle

I don’t remember climbing into the tree house.  My first memory is walking with dread that turned to dull relief when I realized where I was.  Relief became actual pleasure […]


“The Treehouse”

an excerpt from my working title “The Treehouse” under development by Larry Barnette I slowly worked my way along the overgrown hedgerow. The moon was out, casting long shadows across […]

atb bp

Dearest Son

Dearest Son, As you begin your summer vacation, I would like to offer you a brief list of suggestions that will hopefully make your summer the best ever. Just as […]

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